Website Development

We involve in every project with enthusiasm and commitment. We do not make any compromises.
Our team has successfully developed projects in the digital environment for over 10 years, a time in which we have learnt how to offer genuine solutions, able to determine interaction from people, to make them come back and discover more.

We have experience in various fields: media & entertainment, games & applications, social networks, online shops, and on several levels of business: Media & News, FMCG, Travel, CSR, Institutions & Organisations, Advertising agencies.

We know that the success of every project starts with a clear understanding of the audience, careful outline and planning, a design which reaffirms the values of the brands in the new environments, easy to use and eye-catching, an adequate and well-implemented technical solution that is carried on after release with a continuous analysis and optimization.

We develop websites through our knowledge of PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Java, Flash, MySQL and we also test every accomplished project in order to make sure that everything works perfectly.

We build CMS (Content Management System): CMS Netvibes is a solution owned by Netvibes that we have successfully implemented on hundreds of websites, from portals with millions of simultaneous visits, online shops, community websites to presentation websites for public companies or brands.

CMS Netvibes is created as a modular, flexible and reliable solution that we have continuously optimized as to fit the requirements of the market, the evolution of technology and the requests of our customers. It contains modules that enable every non-technical user to create and easily manage the content of a website, ecommerce modules, social media ones, modules for the administration of photo and video galleries, mechanisms for interconnecting with other platforms or of content sharing, it is SEO ready.

We take every project seriously and commit ourselves to it, therefore we offer our
partners maintenance, hosting and administration services for the solutions we develop, so that we actively participate in the development and optimization of our projects, also in the post-implementation stages.
Are you thinking of a project or simply looking for solutions to commmunicate an idea, a product, or a service in digital media?

Contact us and find out how we can help you!

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