Mobile Marketing

Integration of the mobile environment into the communication strategy is the key to success.
2 out of 3 people own a phone mobile and over 90% of the mobile phones sold today have a web browser. The global tendency is that the mobile phones become the main device on which the Internet is accessed, overcoming PCs. The transition from the classic phone to smartphones is made.

The mobile phone has become our extension. The mobile environment is personal, fast, easy to locate, and it offers a lot of measurable marketing tools: SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Web, Location Based Services, QR Codes. Integration of the mobile environment into the communication strategy is the key to success.

An increasing number of brands and companies have understood the opportunity of this relatively new communication environment, developing applications and website variants optimized for mobile devices.

Our team offers you support for the integration of mobile channels into the strategy of customer communication. We analyse the way in which your customers interact with the mobile environment, we find the most efficient tools through which we can communicate with them, develop useful services and applications, we measure results and optimize.

We assure that your website has an optimized version for the mobile platforms. Thus, the mobile module of our CMS allows you to have the total and immediate control over the information that would be displayed on your mobi site.

We develop applications that interconnect several environments in the communication mix in order to ensure the customer’s access to information and to obtain a fast answer from him/her.

Through Bluetooth you can send messages and different pieces of information to customers in a certain area. By the means of Location Based you can locate prospects found in a certain area and send quick messages related to specific promotions or services. QR Codes is the tool which enables consumers to have fast access to complex information by simply scanning an image similar to a barcode with the help of the mobile phone. In addition, all these tools are measurable, therefore you can evaluate the consumers’ answers to your messages and actions at any time.

Are you thinking of a project or simply looking for solutions to commmunicate an idea, a product, or a service in digital media?

Contact us and find out how we can help you!

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