Email Marketing

Building and maintaining a solid relation with the customers are very important elements for each business. Researches show that a loyal customer brings to a company a profit of five to ten times higher than a new one.

Email Marketing and CRM (Costumer Relation Management) are measurable tools to attract and retain customers, with the help of which you can keep a permanent dialogue with them - whether you want to answer to their questions, create questionnaires that may help you find out their position towards your company, their preferences and needs, or to send them periodical and costumized reports.

The difference between a message optimum implemented that will get in the receiver’s e-mail box and a message developed without considering certain parameters may represent the distance between success or failure of an e-mail marketing campaign. Because of this, our team combines the technical skills with the marketing ones in order to offer complete and complex E-CRM solutions:
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Web design
  • Sending & Reporting
  • Lists segmentation
  • Integration of the e-mail marketing solution into the personal systems
  • Development of costumized CMS
The balance between technical skills and the marketing ones gives us the advantage of providing our customers with personalized CMS platforms for those who want to manage the email marketing activities by themselves, with the help of which they can create newsletters automatically, personalize them, administer their own lists of senders and obtain complex reports.
Are you thinking of a project or simply looking for solutions to commmunicate an idea, a product, or a service in digital media?

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